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This section provides the resume of Emma Levillair,
studies, experiences, approach and a little bit of knowledge about the psychologist herself.

My Approach


I propose different types of therapies & Consultations depending on the situation : therapy with children, adolescents, family therapy, group therapy, parenting help.

In addition to conventional therapies adapted to the given patient (child, adolescent, family), I practice group therapy. My group therapy is always planned around a creative medium : through play, psychodrama, writing, urban music …

They are suggested to patients by the psychologist to support, enrich, or unlock a therapeutic situation. The groups are prepared according to the problems of each person, and can be in practice : individual (focused on one patient) or groupal (patients work together with a psychologist).


About « Me »


I didn’t start my life with Psychology, I first studied Theater & Film. My studies allowed me to travel from Paris to New York. Being more interested in the study of the characters than by their incarnation, I decided to continue my studies by focusing my aim in psychology.

I have a diploma “Master” in Clinical Psychology from the University Paris-Diderot a place that celebrates psychoanalysis past & modern. This training lays the foundation of my practice in an analytical orientation, including the unconscious both individual and collective, and the human capacity to transform.

I take into account the uniqueness of each person, each family, each child to improve my therapeutic work with them and to find the best method. I propose a wide variety of practices.  


Training /Certification


  • Clinical Psychology Degree  analytical orientation – Paris Diderot University
  • Master 1 & 2 clinical psychology, child and adolescent specialty – Paris Diderot University
  • Two Degrees in Theater, International Curriculum (USA & France)


  • Tests : projectives, personality & psychometric
  • Practice of individual analytical psychodrama
  • Practice of Play Therapy
  • Bilingual

No. ADELI 759360308




Psychology :

  • Play Therapy : children, CMPP-MGEN Vaugirard
  • Analytic Psychodrama : children with hearing impairment, APAJH les Guiblets
  • Psychiatric Unit E / F: adults, Sainte-Anne
  • Analytic Psychodrama: children / adolescents, Pitie-Salpetriere


Other :

  • Co-Founder; Association “Le Grand Bestiaire”
  • Professor of English and French, children with issues towards bilingualism
  • Teacher in writing technique : group, finding your voice


Emma Levillair – Psychologue Clinicienne, orientation analytique. Spécialité Enfant, adolescent et jeunes adultes.

Paris 14, 6 rue de la Saône.